fJt Resources

Resources to Help Us Follow Jesus Together

This page contains resources you may find useful in following Jesus together.  It’s divided into three main categories:

  1. Links & Material
  2. Books
  3. Study Aids

Links & Material

Escape To Reality

The best site I’ve found for explaining and exploring “grace” on the web.  I you want to be more Jesus and less religion, check it out!

Life Stream

Valuable source of free downloads, podcasts and other material from someone who “gets it”.  Put it in your favorites and go there often.  Free downloads.

Beyond Evangelical

Frank Viola’s blog site.  Valuable source of a variety of free and fee resources. 

Check out all of the free resources when you sign up for Frank’s email updates.  Free downloads.

Searching Together

A wonderful source of material from someone who understands your journey.

The Online Library of T. Austin-Sparks

An outstanding source of free written and audio material for Jesus’ followers.  Free downloads.

 Watchman Nee

Free and fee resources based on the life and ministry of a man God used to lay the ground work for the incredible growth of the Church in China.  Remarkable.

The Naked Church

Free PDF download from Wayne Jacobson.  A great non-fiction read.

So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore

 Free downloads of an interesting and instructive fiction work

He Loves Me:  Learning to live in the Father’s love.

Free PDF download on getting out of the bondage of religion and into the freedom we have in Jesus Christ.

Gospel Centered Discipleship

Great source of free articles related to following Jesus.

Houses That Change the World

Great free ebook.  Download it here.

Advice for New Followers – from Frank Viola

Who are you in Jesus?  Check out this video.  The voice is Frank Viola’s


The  Bible  (The most remarkable book I’ve ever read.  Supernatural beyond any doubt.)

My Utmost for His Highest, Oswald Chambers

True Spirituality,Francis Schaeffer

Autobiography of George Muller

One Hundred Days In the Secret Place (Guyon, Fenelon, Molinos.  Edited by Gene Edwards)

Mere Christianity,  C.S. Lewis

The Jesus I Never Knew, Philip Yancey

The Normal Christian Life,  Watchman Nee

The God Who Is There, Francis Schaeffer

Drawing Closer,Glen Martin and Dian Ginter

Organic Church, Neil Cole

Purpose In Prayer,  E.M. Bounds

Houses That Change The World, Wolfgang Simpson (If you’ve never read anything on the subject.)

Memoirs of McCheyne,  Andrew Bonar

The Best of  A.W. Tozer,  Warren Wiersbe

Can Man Live without God,  Ravi Zacharias

Community 101,  Gilbert Bilezikian

The Search For Significance,  Robert McGee


 Study Aids

The Blue Letter Bible

An excellent online resource for studying the Bible.  Multiple translations and study aids at your fingertips.  They’re presently testing a new version.


Bible Gateway

Another great free study resource.  Search multiple translations with ease.


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