More of what Jesus is doing

Houston BaptismI share with you a brief update from our son Jared. I share it for 3 reasons.
1. I want you to know what Jesus is doing and rejoice with us.
2. I want you to join us in prayer.
3. I want you to consider sharing this work with others.  Tell of His great grace.

(From Jared Roberts)


I’m married! Words can’t describe how thankful I am that God brought an amazing women and helper into my life that I can pursue the glory of Jesus with. These past few weeks have been some of the most amazing days of my life thus far!

What God did this past weekend:

– This past weekend we spent in Houston for a two-day training. The focus of the training was to help disciple makers around Texas identify places they are stuck and how to get unstuck. On Friday night after the training we went prayer walking in a complex some of our friends in Houston have been focusing on. During this time, by God’s grace and power, Elizabeth and I were able to lead 3 people to Christ! All three people (husband, wife and cousin) decided to obey Jesus by getting baptized 30 minutes after coming to faith! (Pictures below)

After exhorting these new believers and setting up a time to follow-up and be discipled, we went to dinner. At dinner one of my best friends and mentor led our Indian waiter to faith. The next night another one of my best friends led another guy to faith. God is moving in power as we simply share the gospel.

– On Sunday morning we went with our friends from Houston to train a mega-church in how to share the gospel in under a minute. Elizabeth and I got to train 200+ people in how to share the gospel in under a minute. In total as a team we trained, in person, 1,510 on how to share the gospel! Praise God more labors are being raised up!


– In order for me to continue laboring in the advancement of the gospel full-time, I raise support. At this point I’m working solely off of referrals. I’d like to prayerfully ask you to refer people to me that would want to hear about what God is doing in Austin and around the world. I’m praying God would bring people to partner with me financially on a monthly basis, to advance the gospel to the ends of the earth until there is No Place Left without the good news of Jesus! Who do you know that would want to be apart of that?

Until No Place Left,

Feel free to contact Jared: jared@pelotonu.orgHouston Baptism

(Brief aside from Gary: The church Jared and Elizabeth trained at on Sunday is the same church that hosted an evangelism training week in which I participated as a young pastor. What does this say? Every generation has to be discipled to share Jesus…And, today’s generation does everything faster!)


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