More good news from Texas

Thanks for your recent prayers for Jared and the teams he works with here in the Austin, Texas area.  Our Lord is at work as you can see in the note below.  Please keep Jared and the team in your prayers every day.  Thanks!

Here’s a note Jared sent me today.

A couple friends of mine that I’m currently also coaching in evangelism, asked me to come help them do a House of Peace Search in their apartment complex.

In these HoP searches we follow Jesus’s model laid out in Luke 10 when He sent His disciples out in search of a house of peace. In these searches, we go to houses and offer a free gift (a tangible depiction of grace) and ask, “if God could do a miracle in your life what would it be? And can we pray that for you right now?”

I was excited at the opportunity to continue joining in on the great work God is doing in their lives. (The first time this couple came to a HoP search with me a few weeks ago, we saw a lady give her life to Christ. Since then they’ve been working with us doing follow-up in Spanish-speaking communities and have seen 2 more people give their lives to Christ! Praise God!) So back to this morning! We went out with 4 teams, knocked on 70 doors and had 32 doors answered. But here is the kicker – 81% of people let us pray for them! That’s 26 out of our 32 encounters that let us pray for them! They told us things like, “I’ve lived here 2 years and no ones ever brought me a gift, thank you.” One deaf lady that had to have her translator come to the door said, “This is awesome!”

We got prayer request like, “That I’d be able to believe in God.” And “That I wouldn’t be lost.” We even met some believers that want to join us in what God is doing!

In the next few weeks we’ll be going back and following up with all of these potential houses of peace. Join us in prayer as we ask God to bring whole households to faith!

Until No Place Left,


Please join me in our gratefulness!


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  1. Bill Wright, Jr. says:

    This is outstanding. It seems clear that God is at work. I’m encouraged.

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