Frank Viola Posts Again

Frank Viola is one of today’s most prolific Christian writers.  He’s both thoughtful and provocative.  I don’t always agree with everything he writes (as if that means anything) but I always benefit from it.  I share with you his most recent post entitled A Nicodemus Moment.  If you consider yourself or others consider you a Christian leader, click over and thoughtfully consider Frank’s message.  Be prepared to be provoked…and encouraged!FrankViola-Larger


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  1. Miss Donna says:

    I’m neither a leader nor considered one. But I enjoyed Frank Viola’s post immensely. Most posts of that length (and it’s not really long), have me rereading portions of text. Not this one. It’s well-written and easy to understand. Very easy to read. I’m encouraged to know that true leaders with a heart for Christ and an eye cast toward the Kingdom have established a presence in cyberspace. It is much needed. Thank you for sharing his post.

  2. Gary Roberts says:

    Thank you Miss Donna. I appreciate your comment and your recent post on the Ben Affleck situation. We have much in common. Jesus is primary. Good genealogy is a bonus. Blessings!

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