Musing About Writing

I’ve been musing about writing.  If you’re a follower of this blog, you know musing is all I’ve been doing.  I certainly haven’t been writing (at least not here).  I’ve been musing, “to write or not to write, that is the question”.  Or, “I write, therefore, I am,” and other such musings.  (Think “navel gazing” here.)

I have four major struggles with writing.

  • It’s hard work.
  • It’s time consuming.
  • I’m not sure my writing is all that helpful to others and in fact may be wasting their time.
  • What can I possibly write about Jesus Christ that hasn’t already been written better by others and is available to read?

These struggles do not motivate me.  They only discourage.  I must find other motivation to write.

When I was eight years old I decided to become a doctor.  Dad was a surgeon’s assistant at the time and I grew up around hospitals.  I saw being a doctor as a way of helping others, making a difference.  I focused on that goal until my junior year of high school.  My relationship with Jesus Christ was drawing me to help others in a different way.

I announced my call to ministry as a sixteen year old high school junior.  I accepted the pastorate of my first church before I finished seminary and have served in various forms of Christian service for the past 44 years.

I remember more than once getting on an elevator in the hospital in my twenties and thirties and being asked, “Are you a doctor?”  To which I would answer, “Sort of…”

When I tested at TCU as a senior in high school, they suggested I enter the field engineering.  I wonder.  Could I have served God just as well as an engineer?

Those are the kinds of questions you ask when you’re musing.

Here’s the deal.  I need to write.  I need to write even if no one is reading.  I need to write because it helps me.  Putting the muse on paper (Did I just type that!?)  Putting the muse in a digital document helps me work out the kinks.  When I’m not writing, I’m not thinking very well.  I need to write!

So I will write.  I will write about Jesus and what He is teaching me in our relationship.  I will write about Jesus and what He is teaching me through others.  I will write about Jesus and what He is up to in the world around me.  I will write.  It will help me.

I welcome you to my thoughts.  I look forward to yours.

I’ll be working on another project for the next week.  So, I won’t be writing here.  When I return, I’ll have an announcement that involves you.  I’ll “see” you then!



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  1. David Roberts says:

    Did you ever think your brother would write a book, yet I did? I felt compelled to do so for so long and now I have several other writing projects in the works. You write because you are compelled to do so and I believe it is GOD who compels you.

    I started a project called “Random Thoughts of an Old Man.” It started out as a silly and fun writing project, but now I have included some very serious thoughts and beliefs. It’s therapeutic for me to write these things and no one else is aware of them now and that doesn’t concern me, but someday when a distant reader reviews them just maybe something I have written could have an impact on someone.

    It’s not for you to determine if your writing is having an immediate impact on someone’s life. Your responsibility is too share in your writing whatever GOD has compelled you to write and to sow the seeds of HIS message. Yes it is hard and time consuming and do you see the rewards of your efforts? No, but you know that our rewards are not here. Does GOD have an obligation to show you what HE is doing with your writing? No, HIS obligation is that HE will provide you with what you need so that HIS work, not yours, can be done.

    You asked what can I write that has not already been written about Jesus and that you must find another motivation to write. I love you brother, but open your eyes! The BOOK has been written. GOD doesn’t ask you to come up with anything new, only that you repeat HIS message of salvation and your motivation is because HE compels all of us with the Great Commission and with HIS love for each of us.

    GOD is the great physician, but each one us are a part of the staff that HE uses to deliver HIS healing message no matter what our vocation in life is. Yes you need to write if that is what GOD is compelling you to do, just let HIM provide the story and don’t worry about who it is impacting, that is HIS concern.

    Now that I have rambled through this you can see that I would never make a living as a writer, but the one thing I can do is pray that GOD will continue to compel you to write about HIS story and to share HIS message no matter if there are thousands of readers or just one lost reader whose life is changed for eternity because you wrote what GOD compelled you to write.
    Love You Brother,

  2. Gary Roberts says:

    Message received big brother. Thanks for the comments!

  3. Bill Wright, Jr. says:

    I personally appreciate and value reading what you write. Are you making a difference? In a word: Yes.

    We are in a Spiritual warfare. You know that as well as anyone. Your writing encourages believers to keep their eyes on Jesus. Your writing reinforces faith. Your writing is like a cool drink of water, serving to refresh, in the midst of a heated battle.

    I know you may grow weary from time-t0-time. But I am thankful for your writing. It teaches. It encourages. It challenges. It makes a difference.

    You have a great mind. And you know how to write. That is a gift and a blessing from God. Keep at it as long as the battle rages.

    Thank you for your ministry!

  4. Roger Thoman says:

    I know the feeling of wondering if my writing is doing anyone any good. But if it’s a gift, which yours is, then it is. Sometimes it’s a walk of faith, but I say, whatever words God has given you have an impact. Blessings to you, bro.

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