Alan Hirsch and the recovery of discipleship

Alan Hirsch makes me think.  Please read his thoughts on the recovery of discipleship and think with me.

What’s your take on his take?

Here’s the link:


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  1. Bill Wright, Jr. says:

    I agree with Hirsch. In fact his writing hits a chord. It’s been my long held view that the ministry of every believer–every follower of Christ–is to influence others toward and into Christ the King who is the Son of the Living God.

    We don’t literally save anyone. How could we? There is no program, procedure or system for us to implement that will bring about the “new birth” experience in another person’s life.

    Influence however, is something we have. If one is a true follower (disciple) of Jesus, then his/her life will have impact on the lives of others. This influence may be used by the Holy Spirit to bring a person to repentance and faith which results in salvation and bringing that person into the Kingdom of Heaven. A Jesus follower’s influence can help another disciple grow in spiritual understanding and Christ-like maturity.

    A true Jesus follower’s lifestyle (words, actions, behavior) influences a “Kingdom”‘culture and results in others becoming literal followers of the KING.

    Keep pressing on my Brother. You are having discipling influence on me and others around you.

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