When We Fail

What can we do when we fail? How do we handle our mistakes? How can we respond when our world is crashing around us?

We have one of three responses.

We can blame others and become angry and bitter. We see others responsible for our failures. They didn’t help us. They didn’t encourage us. They failed us and their failure brought about our failure. We always knew we couldn’t trust others.

We can despair. We can lose all hope and see no change in our future. We blame ourselves. We despair. We choose to give up on life, God and/or others.

We can repent. We can change our minds. Repentance is not primarily feeling sorry for our sins. Repentance is having a change of mind. We change our minds about God, ourselves and others. We change our minds about our sin and circumstances. We change our minds and our behavior changes.

The church is meant to be a community of repentance. In this community of faith we confront and counsel one another. We encourage and exhort. We confess and accept the confession of our fellow community members. We forgive. We love. We listen to the words of others as if God were speaking to us. We change our minds, repent when necessary. We recognize we’re living in a community of repentance which breathes and prospers only with an attitude of repentance.


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  1. David Roberts says:

    I have been guilty of blaming others in the past for situations I have found myself in. I try very hard now to see when I am doing that and to turn to God for answers to change me and the situation I find myself in.

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