Does God live in your neighborhood?

Of course God lives in your neighborhood!  We might be surprised at some of the places God hangs out and the people with whom he is willing to dine.  So, he lives in our neighborhood.  The question is, are we joining God in our neighborhood?  Do we know what he is up to?  Do we know who he is drawing?  Do we know who he is teaching?  Are we learning from them?  God is in our neighborhood.  Do we know how to join him?


Consisder carefully this quote from Alan Roxburgh of The Missional Network.


“I was recently attending a meeting sponsored by TMN (The Missional Network) listening to a lecture about the nature of incarnational life and Christian mission. The speaker was pointing out that the God we confess in the Trinity is One who came to pitch tent right in the midst of the local, ordinary and everyday. He went to point out how, in our time, we had lost a sense of space wherein the everyday had been evacuated in deference to more universal values and commitments. Further, he suggested that we had reached a point where most leaders in regional and national church roles had fundamentally lost contact and the normal ability to enter, engage and be a part of the local.


At the end of his presentation we moved into the usual question and answer time. I was interested in what would happen because I was convinced this speaker had hit the nail dead on the head. In the midst of several rather strange questions about church growth, a tall, greying man wearing a dog collar and a red shirt leaned forward. He looked and sounded tired as he began framing his question. It was a very basic one but the poignancy of his concern could be felt. ‘Yes, I agree with everything you’ve said’, he began, ‘But how do you do it?’ The question seemed to be asked at two levels. First, he was recognizing that in all the demands on his life relative to the institutional demands of running an organization, he doesn’t have the time to reconnect with the local even though he knows it’s the place where we need to be. You can’t lead by exhortation! But there was a second question running beneath this obviously painful reflection. When he asked: ‘How do you do it?’ he literally was asking how does one enter the local? How does one engage a neighbourhood in a way that brings gospel life?”


So, how do we join God in our neighborhood?  How do we see what he is doing and join him in his work?  Please use the comment section and share with other readers how you and your family are joining God in his work.  How do we live in a way that releases “gospel life”.


Can you identify with Dee and me?  We lived eleven years in our neighborhood before we realized we had never really moved in!  Incredible!  Think about it…pause…think about it, we lived there eleven years without moving in.


We’re just beginning to learn.  We’ll share with you what we’re learning if you’ll share with us what you’re learning from Jesus.  We long to follow Jesus…together.


(Thanks to Alan Roxburgh of The Missional Network.  Read his article in its entirety by clicking on the link below.)


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