What do we do when we follow Jesus?

Jesus did not come to give us programs.  He came to give us life.  Jesus did not call us to a set of rules.  He calls us into a living relationship with him.  Jesus did not call on us to try harder.  He calls on us to trust him completely today.  Jesus did not call us to plant churches.  He called us to make disciples.

Jesus said, “Come follow me.”  He still calls. 

When we follow Jesus…

  • We follow a person not a set of teachings.
  • We depend on Jesus in the same way he depended on the Father.
  • We listen to Jesus and allow him to interpret and apply his teachings in our lives.
  • We make disciples.  We help others become followers of Jesus.
  • We do what we see Jesus doing.
  • We gather with other believers to understand, honor and practice obedience to Jesus.

Now, how do we move beyond platitudes to practice?


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One Comment Add yours

  1. Eman Abrea says:

    simple, easy to understand and yet profound and biblical. thanks for sharing!

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