Disciples: Made in America

What kinds of disciples are being made where I meet Jesus with others?

Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.  Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…”

                                                                                                          Matthew 28:18, 19a

 A disciple is someone who learns after or follows another.  We’re told to go and make disciples to Jesus of all nations, men and women who learn after Jesus and follow him.

I’ve produced a number of different disciples through four decades of ministry.

  • Disciples to a set of beliefs
  • Disciples to a singular fellowship
  • Disciples to a fellowship of churches
  • Disciples to a method of ministry
  • Disciples to a program
  • Disciples to a pastor
  • Disciples to the principles and practices of good leaders.

In other words, I may have focused on bicycles instead of heavy duty trucks.(See prior post.)

Why?  Why do we produce the kinds of disciples we produce?

  • We operate from a wrong or inadequate paradigm.
  • The structure in which we attempt to produce disciples is counter-productive.
  • We have the wrong goals in our discipleship efforts.
  • Like produces like.  We cannot reproduce what we are not.
  • We have the wrong focus.  We must disciple people to Jesus.  Anything short of this is not biblical discipleship.

Fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ are reproduced in a community of believers where loving, listening, honoring, following, obeying and depending on Jesus Christ is practiced, promoted and expected.

I must take the blinders off and ask what kinds of disciples are being produced where I meet Jesus with others?

To be continued…



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